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Miss the 2014 April Fool's version of Nuclear Throne? Hate the unrealistic advantage of having a top-down perspective? Then this might be the mod for you! Out with 360 degree X-ray vision; in with walking face-first into rats waiting around corners, and getting run over by Snowbots you never even saw. All the tactical disadvantages of a first-person perspective, with none of the immersion!

The Realistic Vision mod for Nuclear Throne Together hides things you shouldn't be able to see from the player character's perspective. Looking around and being cautious are the keys to success. Pickups take a bit longer to disappear to enable you to do so: still, difficulty is greatly increased.

Note: of the files available for download, the file without the -9921 postfix only works on newer NTT betas, but it has a number of improvements. If you are using NTT version 9921, you will want to use realvision-9921.mod.gml instead.

The mod has a number of configurable options. Command list:

  • setfov X: sets the field of view to X degrees. "setfov 360" disables the FOV effect, but still prevents you from seeing through walls. Defaults to 120, which is at the high end of FOVs you would use in a PC first person shooter. You can also try setfov 70 for an FOV you would more likely get on a gaming console, or setfov 190 to approximate human vision.
  • setshadowcolor X: the color of "shadows", i.e. the space you can't see, is a mix of black and the area background color. This commands allows you to adjust the mix. Defaults to 0.3, black is 0.
  • sethearingrange X: sets the radius of a small circle around the player character that is always visible. By default, it is just large enough (10) that you can still see the whole player character.
  • setpickuptimebonus X: sets how many more frames pickups take to vanish. Default is 60 frames (two seconds).
  • setshadowmode X: this command offers some customization on how "wall shadows" are drawn, i.e. how walls obscure vision. In shadow mode 0, wall shadows are drawn based on the wall's collision box. Because Nuclear Throne's perspective is a bit slanted, this doesn't look very good. Shadow mode 1 shifts the bounding box up for drawing shadows, which looks better, but the mismatch between collision and shadow bounding boxes means your vision will be more obscured if you hug a wall from the top than if you hug it from the bottom. Shadow mode 2 instead shifts the position of the shadows on the screen. This is the default, but has the minor downside that the shadows don't quite line up with the player character.
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Install instructions

  • Put realvision.mod.gml in your /mods directory
  • In-game, do /loadmod realvision


realvision.mod.gml 10 kB
realvision-9921.mod.gml 10 kB

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