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From the Ice Caves to the Crystal Caves.

This mod for Nuclear Throne Together adds a Nuclear Throne version of Spelunky's "Wheel of Prizes" to dark areas (i.e. Sewers, Crystal Caves, Labs). The wheel works almost exactly like the one in Spelunky: put in 60 rads, and in return, you'll randomly gain nothing, twice your investment, thrice your investment (the "Jackpot"), or one of a selection of area-appropriate weapons.

Use the command /fastwheel to reduce waiting time.


  • The wheel spawns as far as possible from the weapon chest, so it may spawn at the level entry point, at the rad canister, or at the ammo chest.
  • In the Sewers, the bloom from "b" tiles appears on top of the wheel.
  • No way to steal the weapon.

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