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Note: this mod requires Nuclear Throne Together version 9938 or higher. As of 2018-11-24, this version is in beta and available from the channel description of the #co-op_buddies channel in the Nuclear Throne Discord server (discord.gg/nt).

In this mod for Nuclear Throne Together, you traverse mazes in 3D. There are no enemies to fight, no loot to collect: it's just mazes.

Find the portal to progress to the next maze. The mazes grow in size as you progress through them. There is no end goal to reach; go far enough and you'll loop back around to the desert.

Mostly this mod serves as a demonstration for the functionality available in newer versions of Nuclear Throne Together.

The main version of the mod has you solve the mazes yourself with FPS-style controls, but you can also load a "screensaver" version of the mod that has the computer solve the mazes automatically using the right-hand rule, analogous to the old Windows maze screensaver.

Use /setfov and /setviewdist to adjust horizontal Field Of View and view distance, respectively (default 120, 200). Lower values of both may help performance if you are experiencing frame rate issues. To adjust mouse sensitivity, use either the mod command /setmousesens, or if you're using a mouse, the NTT command /mousesens (note, lower values correspond to higher sensitivity for the latter!)

Install instructions

  • Make sure you have installed Nuclear Throne Together version 9938 or higher
  • Unzip the files inside Maze.zip to /mods/Maze
  • To load the mod, use /load Maze. Alternatively, use /load Maze/screensaver to load the "screensaver version"
  • Optionally, use the mod command /setmousesens or the NTT command /mousesens to adjust mouse sensitivity to your liking


Maze.zip 4 kB

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you rebirth the 3d ntt!!!! first ver on custom throne the stone-age program! you my hero.

ps creat ntt - 3d  mod